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PostSubject: RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THESE FORUMS!!!   Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:12 am

Written below are the official rules and regulations of these forums, in a simple to understand version.

Rules and Regulations
Brought to you by the admistrator of these forums.

1) No flaming
2) No plagiarizing
3) No excessive cursing
4) Try not to post meaningless threads
5) Don't post just to achieve attention
6) Don't create blank posts, post to yourself, or flood others
7) Don't rip people off
8 ) Don't share copyrighted material
9) Don't attempt to hack this site
10) Don't carry fights from other forums over to here
11) Don't spread arguments from one topic to the rest of the board
12) Don't create more than one account
13) Respect members; treat them the way you want to be treated
14) No overly sexual material (including nude pictures of children)
15) No racist posts
16) Don't SPAM! Advertisements will be deleted.
17) We reserve the right to moderate and/or delete anything we want, for any or no reason.

Rules and regulations listed in the simplified version above, which, herein, are not described in any way, nor exist in any official rules and regulations document, are valid and strictly enforced. Forum moderators have the authority to create new rules and regulations, modify and discharge existing ones, with or without prior notice given.

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