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PostSubject: MY BOYFRIEND POTENTIAL   Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:08 pm

1.Dapat ba gwapo?
- kahit di totally gwapo but atleast presentable.. im not up to the looks, but in the attitude..

2. Smart?
- not really,diligent pwede.. and average learner.. i hate pers0n na s0brang smart xe baka kami mag.spark.. :DD

3. Preferred age?
- age doesn't really matter as long as he acts his age, responsible and mature..

4. Preferred height?
- haha pwedeng hindi sobrang tangkad xe kawawa ako.. Very Happy

5. How about sense of humor?
- as in YES! boring ung laging seryoso..

6. How about piercings?
- kahit sa ears lang.. i find it attractive.. haha l0l! XD

7. Accepts you for who you are?
- yeah.. no judgements attached..

8. Pink hair?
- haha a big N0 N0! i don't like a guy na mei col0r ang hair.. specially pink etc.. i find it untidy..

9. Mushy or no?
- hmm..ab0ut 40% cguro or 50% .. but i mean d ryt mushyness..

10. Thin or fat?
- sakto lang..

11. Moreno or chinito or mestizo?
- hmm.. i'm not picky.. as long as he's comfortable..

12. Long hair or short hair?
- hmm not that long and not that short..

13. Plastic or metal?
- pwede human flesh? haha! XD

14. Smells good?
- DEFINITELY! ..i'm attracted t0 a guy na mabango..

15. Smoker?
- n0.. ayoko.. asthmatic ako eh.. u want me t0 die?! XD

16. Drinker?
- moderate drinker pwede na.. i d0n't want to spoil his life by being kj diba?.. basta responsible xa sa actions niya..

17. Boy-next-door type?
- yep.. Smile

18. Musically inclined?
- big YES! XD

19. Plays piano?
- yeah.. sweet q ung marunong mag-piano.. but if di nya alam, ok lang.. XD

20. Plays bass and/or acoustic guitar?
- acoustic guitar..

21. Plays violin?
- pwede! para xa na magturo sakin.. :DD

22. Sings very good?
- sings well enough na mula sa heart nya..

23. Vain?
- slight lang na vanity.. i hate guys na mas maarte pa sakin.. XD

24. With glasses?
- hmmm.. pwedeng meron, pwedeng wala.. but i find a guy cute basta naka-glasses.. well depende din kung bagay.. Very Happy

25. With braces?
- if he has, ok lang.. if wala, ok din.. hehe

26. Shy type?
- sakto lang..

27. Rebel or good boy?
- good boy.. Smile

28. Active or passive?
- ACTIVE.. Very Happy

29. Tight or bomb?
- anu yan? hmm if u mean mahigpit well cguro medyo para naman ma.feel q ung presence & care niya.. XD

30. Singer or dancer?
- pwede both? XD

31. Suplado?
- haha sa ibang girls pwede! :DD

32. Hiphop?
- ayoko..

33. Earrings?
- ok lang..

35. Torpe?
- unlike..

36. Mr. Count-My-Ex-Girlfriends-Until-You-Drop?
- feeler? HAHA! ayoko..

37. Dimples?
- ok lang..

38. Bookworm?
- pwede.. since bookworm din aq.. i count it as a bonding.. Smile)

39. Mr. Love Letter?
-hehe..uso pa yan? hmm pwede din.. sweet.. Smile

40. Makulit?
-uu, but n0t too much xe m0ody ako eh.. Very Happy

41. Flirt?

42. Poem writer?
- ok lang..

43. Serious?
- in times na seryoso ang pag- uusapan.. yep..

44. Campus crush?
-n0pe.. AYOKO.. daming girls kaagaw ko.. HAHA!

45. Painter?
- pwede din.. but if he doesn't know how to.. well ok lang din.. may kanya-kanya taung trip..

46. Religious?
- yup.. but not too much.. baka ako umusok.. :DD

47. Alaskador?
- sakto lang.. =)

48. Computer games geek? Or internet freak?
- computer games nalang but as much as possible he knows how to control it para mei time xa for me..

49. Speaks 20 languages?
- haha, j0se rizal is that you? hehe ab0ut 4-5 is ok..

50. Loyal o faithful?
- both.. Smile
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