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PostSubject: LIFE'S DILEMMA   Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:17 pm

LIFE.. s0 many definitions.. yet it connects us all..
they say life is beautiful..
crazy.. exciting..lovable..all kinds of descriptions which only us could define..
for those who have been caught up in its whirlwind..
life is miserable..death-causing..suffocating..blinding and painstaking..

nob0dy really knows how t0 live life.. neither d0 i..
i have been a part of th0se who think of it as beautiful and miserable..
it may sound crazy.. but i wouldn't deny it.. yes.. i have been through life's ups and downs..
when i'm 0n the t0p of the world, i would always think of life as a breath of fresh air,
a sense of happiness and content..
but when i am in my l0west, life would just suddenly turn into my worst nightmare.. the once beautiful dream, now just a figment of my imagination..

others have taken their life.. thinking that since everything has no sense.. they might as well take what is nothing f0r them.. pretty dumb right? ..
yeah, it was stupid when i almost took what was not mine.. God gave us our lives.. but we never learned how to treasure it..

i know it is hard to manage our lives.. but have we really tried everything?..
this question still lingers in my mind.. recalling a moment wherein i needed someone to counsel me..
tears falling down my eyes.. he t0ld me " life is just easy, if you just know how to organize it right from the start..put God above everything.. every decision, action, and feeling.. ask God for his guidance"..

funny right? i almost felt dumb about that.. i have never thought of that solution.. well, blame it on selfishness.. i should have thought first of that divine person who gave me what i have right now..

live life as if there's no tomorrow.. include God in your life.. cherish every the people who shows their love for you..laugh at your mistakes and learn from your enemies and forgive their ways..

as one s0ng said " life is beautiful.. love your life"..
.. but also.. learn to love yourself.. ♥
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