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PostSubject: CUP OF LIFE   Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:47 pm

i went t0 the church as usual.. but this time, i was on my own.
i'm not used t0 the fact of being alone, lets just say that im the type of pers0n hu's afraid of being alone and left behind.. =)

well, as i was sitting at the pews, along with the other churchgoers, i was still fuming with anger of being alone not accompanied by my menace older brother..

the presiding priest suddenly t0ld a story about his c0-redemptorist priest..
this priest went home t0 have a vacation, one morning, he saw his little nephews and nieces studying at the kitchen table.. delighted with the thought that they were studying seriously, he had the idea of buying them an ice cream t0 be shared by all.. while they were eating, one of his niece said " Uncle Father, why is the cup not full?".. then suddenly the older niece said " shh! don't say that.. we didn't asked this from Uncle Father, we should be thankful for what was given t0 us"..

well, just from the story above, i realized a lot of things..
everyone of us always wants abundance.. we want all the things in life, even the impossible ones..
we want t0 be rich so that we'll fit in the high society..we want popularity and power..
even just for a second, have we thought of being thankful f0r the least things that life can offer??
me myself haven't even thought of that, or maybe i have but i was to0 numb t0 notice that..
blessing are always sprinkled by God each days of our lives, but we humankinds are t0 stoned to thank him or notice this small blessings because of our hunger and thirst f0r so much..

i know this might not sink in t0 your systems yet, or if it sinks in, it might just take 10% of it, then it will be totally forgotten..
lets not be numb,stoned neither be stupid of all the luck and blessings that we receive from him..
remember what god said?? " He who hungers and thirsts f0r holiness is blessed"..
lets not be selfish and greedy for the greatest things.. lets be humble and thankful f0r it..
life offers a lot of things, it can be pain, suffering and hardships.. but u yourself should not back down..
d0n't let g0 and don't give up.. he has plans f0r you..=)

be thankful of what life gives you.. it might give you problems but it does not mean that it was given t0 u as a burden, but it was given to you t0 make you a more better and stronger pers0n..

life can be a cup less with its contents, but always think of life as cup full to know its richness..
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