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PostSubject: WHEN THEY SAY, “I CAN’T”   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:28 pm

My college life wasindeed a showcase of happy and sad memento- of laughter and tears, failures andsuccess, joys and sorrows, memorable and unforgettable moments as well. Despitethose unbearable barriers and fervid challenges that hamper my journey, stillthe scenes that had taken place during the most momentous night in my life werestill lively and freshly imprinted in my mind that even hundreds of centuriescan never fade those worth- treasuring memories way back October 28, 2006. Thatwas the very day when I felt so down and small that I even said to myself howunfair God is; but I was definitely wrong because once in my life I was able toprove that “to be small is to be great”. That was the very moment in my lifethat I was able to figure out that whatever is in me and no matter how little Iam to others still God has His special reason and purpose why I was not borntall and why I look small.

October 28, 2006 when I bagged thetitle, Miss UPVTC 2006. I myself can’t really determine my true feelings duringthat time, but one thing was certain, I shed a lot of tears that even two dayswere not enough just to blast- off my emotions and self- pity as well; tears ofjoy and astonishment because in the face of those critics and feedbacks fromsome of the audience and my rivals, I was able to bend them down in a humblemanner. And that was definitely a blitzkrieg on my part. Honestly, I was notreally expecting that I can defeat the nine aspirants. I don’t have the properheight and that’s the discouraging factor on my part. Besides, I don’t have theexperience unlike the other candidates. I wanted to quit but I don’t want todisappoint my professor who was the one who convinced me to be therepresentative of our class and my classmates who were then the source of myguts and inspiration. Fortunately, my first step was a resounding success thatup to this moment I can face and stand high because I was able to change thebad impressions of some people especially those who are really used to putothers down.

This only portrays that no matterhow small, no matter how big and great you are, still each of us has our ownunique features and values which made us different from the others.

I can’t feel any regret but instead,I was very thankful and blessed for I was able to discover my hidden potentialsas well as my shortcomings. My experiencetaught me how to be firm in crossing the thresholds towards the summit of myaspirations in life. I know that was the beginning and I am expecting a lotas I continue to navigate the endless and stormy ocean of life.

I found tranquility and deepserenity as I reminisce those moments that had brought me to where I am now,that molded me to who I am now, little by little, few steps ahead; soon I canalso have my place under the radiant rays of the sun as I reach the realembodiment of success.
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