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PostSubject: WHEN IT’S OVER..   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:29 pm

Have you ever been in an all day- all night crying scenario? Have you just been dumped by your partner? And you feel so helpless and what you want is to spare some time alone?

All of those are simply the reactions of a heart that fell in love but had been broken, and the result of the things we tend not to do but sometimes we need to.

Complicated isn’t it?

Love is inexplicable, indeed it is a broad feeling we often mistook for something else. They say love endures all but if it really does, why do some people end up curled down in pain and despair? Or maybe is it simply our mistake that we always blame love for doing things we should not do?

Some say that people in love are stupid, maybe. But as time goes by, as we are getting older and more mature, we realize that love is not tragic at all. It is an unwritten contract between two people who agreed to truss their lives together; through thick and thin, through sickness and in health.

In the course of love, when the relationship is over, pain comes in return. Breaking up of couples leaves a space in each other with an immense sense of emptiness and it takes more time to recuperate from it or perhaps, never to pull through again. Picking up those crushed pieces of delight would mean yielding a sanctuary of woe for those moments may not happen again.

Love is a part of learning, of growing up and dealing with your emotions Land knowing how to handle such inevitable situations. A cycle of falling in love.. of getting hurt.. and of understanding. Never get discouraged or scared of welcoming a new possibility of falling in love although fixing a broken heart is not an easy task and requires so much patience. Never allow yourself to be a prisoner of sorrow and agony instead take a deep thinking and reminisce all your happy memories together. Let it sink in to your mind and unearth the grounds why you have to let go.

Love is a matter of time; healing the wounded heart.. getting over.. and be whole again. Splitting amid the peek of the relationship is hurtful and upsetting. But both should think of the flaws of the relationship and understand the reason of the break up. It might be because the lovers are not really getting along well for some incompatibilities. But if you happen to share same field of interests with your partners, it is easier to continue and move on for both of you have the same way of thinking and perspectives. Consider this time to hang out with friends to wind up from emotionally draining exhaustion. View it as a great experience to add up your learning horizon and don’t get stuck on the box.

Love is forgiveness and falling in love again. After the tear- jerking moments of break- ups and lovers fights, realization would surely give way in patching up the established relationship. The foundation made should not be easily neglected. Forgive no matter whose fault it is.. regardless of the patent wound it caused you..
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