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 HOURGLASS… Traces of time..

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PostSubject: HOURGLASS… Traces of time..    Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:47 pm

“Time is a perennial traveler, traversing the endless and pacing eternity without even taking a halt or blinking a moment. It is the sole witness of everything human race had envisaged. Time is an inseparable companion of forever yet it still conspires with death.”

The irony of it all..
Time is proclaimed mystery itself. It can move so slow that it stuck us to the depth of boredom and then in another moment it is like a fleeting gust of wind, so fast you couldn’t even clasp.
But whatever the rhythm of time is, in every tick of a second in its never- ending quest, in every grains of a falling sand clinging to the air till it reaches another hunch of sand at the bottom of an hourglass , in every inch the sun moves across the sky till it hides.. there’s always the untold stories of every human being. Tales of love and friendship, lore of success, triumph and hope that bring forth immense happiness and dainty smiles on our lips. But of course stories of loneliness, betrayal, pain, hatred, miseries, desperation and failure could not also be denied. Even the tale of mysteries and ironies in life that our reasoning couldn’t even define, but then who could evade the painstaking story of death and parting times. In life all these things are inevitable.
All those tales color every saga and every journey of every person. Everything in life has proven to be ever changing, nothing is constant even the emotions that engulf our being from time to time. We could never deny that all of us felt all those emotions and consumed us as time passes by. All those emotions and feelings, all those various tales occurs in every moment of the hands of time leaves a trace, a vintage and a memory that will mark and hone our life.
Really each moment of our daily existence makes up our life. So every moment, every story and emotion that dwells in us in every passing time is full of essence as it leaves us a memento that as time goes by all we could do is look back and reminisces.
Inspired with the tales of life, we were driven to pour what’s in the deepest of our hearts, vivid memories and emotions whether happy or heart wrenching but still the same events in our life which contribute to who we are now. We portray on what’s behind every voyage of a struggling person, living life as it is.
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HOURGLASS… Traces of time..
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