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PostSubject: THE SWEETNESS IN BITTERNESS   Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:48 pm

Our existence here in this world would never be worth fulfilling if we could not even taste the sweetest dew of our aimed victory. All of us are considered conquerors for all of us has a common mission; to fulfill our dreams and aspirations for us to land in the place God has perfectly designed for us.

Nobody wants to end up the battle as a loser. Neither had we wanted to see how our dreams shatter into pieces. Ever since, we were strongly motivated by our own ambitions. We live through it and fight for the realization of these dreams. No matter how risky and uncertain we are, still we pursue to take the path, believing that this will lead us to the paradise of success.

But though we seemed to be strong in facing all life’s tribulations and tests, we sometimes end up miserable as if dots were framed to end up everything. We became defeated by our own frailties and downfalls, and if we let this to take its curse, we surely can’t get up and start a new journey. Truly, some cannot endure the agony and pain resulting to their own despondency. These instances are just but natural ‘cause life was never been made easy for us to perceive its mysteries and glory. Life itself speaks for the “survival of the fittest.”

If we have the courage to face everything that will thwart our journey and still hope and believe that we can overpass all these, no matter how long the chains of obstacles are, still we can be declared as winner and real survivor.

Success could never be realized in just a wink of an eye. One must endure the barriers and must be determined to accept whatever is the result of our endeavor. And above all, spirit of faith and courage must not be missed for these two will surely help us to attain these aspirations.

Indeed, the greatest happiness and the true sweetness of one’s victory are measured on how bitter and how agonizing the undertakings we’ve been through. The harder our struggles, the more that we will value every drop of our own sweat.

At the crest of our victory, there we will fathom how our downfalls and frailties brought us to where we stand now..
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